Catholic Ignatian Education

What is a Catholic Ignatian college?

St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College in Drury is an Ignatian College. An Ignatian College works collaboratively with the global network of Jesuit Colleges and universities to live and witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition. This collaboration is based on a shared affection for, and formation with, the Jesuit spiritual charism and Jesuit educational legacy that spans over 500 years. At the heart of an Ignatian College’s identity is a commitment to Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy which flows from the life and example of St Ignatius of Loyola, who was the founder of the Jesuits.

Who was St Ignatius?

St Ignatius was brought up as a nobleman in Spain but when serving as a soldier he was badly wounded in France. He returned to Loyola for a long convalescence and it was during this time his desire for fame was transformed into a lifelong dedication to Christ through service to others. Through his preaching St Ignatius attracted a number of companions called “Friends of the Lord” and in 1540 the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded. Their goal was “to love and serve God through the service of others, being ever mindful of the circumstances of place and person.”

What is Ignatian spirituality?

Ignatian spirituality is summed up in the phrase “Finding God in all things” and Ignatian pedagogy is the practical way of promoting this spirituality. Underpinning this pedagogy is the commitment to celebrate and develop the unique gifts and potential of each student; their intellectual, spiritual, moral and psychological development. The Tutorial Strategy is an integrative component of Jesuit education as it provides pastoral, individual care and concern for each student throughout their time at secondary school and encourages them to make decisions that go beyond themselves and which show a concern for the needs of others. As a Catholic college in the Ignatian tradition, a rich diet of prayer and reflection is weaved into the school day, offering students and ongoing encounter with Christ. This is enhanced by forms of Ignatian prayer, like the Examen, that students will pray regularly.