Newsletter 5 May 2023

5 May 2023

During the Easter holidays I was blessed to be able to visit Rome.  As part of this trip, I was invited to a private dinner with Father Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General for the Jesuits, Father José Magadia SJ, provincial for Asia Pacific and Father David Holdcroft SJ, Education Specialist with Jesuit Refugee Service.  This would be an important moment in the life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College as it was an opportunity to formally thank the Superior General and the Jesuit family for the gift of the Ignatian charism for our new school.  It would mark another important step in our growing relationship with the Society of Jesus here in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

As I entered the Jesuit Curia, which is a large building just off St Peter’s Square, I was struck by the large map on the wall which identified over 2,300 Jesuit schools around the world.  What was striking to me was there was no school (yet!) in New Zealand on the map.

We were warmly welcomed by Father Arturo who was keen to hear about our school. I felt incredibly proud to be able to tell him of the many families who have dreamed of a Catholic School in this area for well over twenty years and the support we have received from the Diocese of Auckland.  Families who had hoped this school would serve their children when now the school will look forward to accompanying their grandchildren. Families who have prayed on the site of the school for many years and even buried miraculous medals on the soil.  He was impressed with your commitment, dedication and tenacity.

Father Arturo, Father José and Father David were keen to hear about the families that our school would serve.  I was able to tell him about all the wonderful families and students we have met during our enrollment interviews and the many gifts and talents you will bring to our school.  Father Arturo was particularly keen to hear about our students as culturally located and our partnership with Manawhenua iwi, Ngaati Te Ata Waiohua and Ngaati Tamaoho.   Furthermore, we celebrated the diversity of our enrolled students as being reflective of our diverse and rich society here in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Everyone was truly excited to hear that the Ignatian Charism was beginning to take root in New Zealand soil and the benefits and opportunities a holistic Ignatian Education will bring for our students. 

We presented Father Arturo with pounamu carved into a Kopae.  This is a symbol of the new beginnings of our Ignatian School in Aotearoa New Zealand and the continuity of the Jesuit Tradition which spans almost 500 years.  In presenting this gift I was reminded again how significant the opening of Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College is.  Through the support of the Diocese of Auckland and in partnership with the Jesuits we become part of something much bigger than ourselves and become part of a story and a network of schools across the world with a deep and rich history.  We become part of an international community  who seek to find God in all things. 

Next time we have the privilege of visiting the Jesuit Curia in Rome it will be exciting to look at the large map of Jesuit schools again and see a dot in New Zealand where our school is! 

Through all these partnerships, your dreams and our foundation students Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College is truly putting New Zealand on the map!

 Inveniens Deum in Omnibus!

Cath Bamber-O’Malley

Pictured below are Father Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General and Cath Bamber-O’Malley, Deputy Principal.

Over the Easter break the General Managers from each Catholic Diocese across the country paid a visit to see progress on the school site. The roof is now being installed on the main teaching block and then the building will be wrapped and waterproofed. Pictured here are Deputy Board Chair John Mills, Principal Dean Wearmouth, Vicar of Education for the Auckland Diocese Catherine Ryan, General Manager for the Auckland Diocese James Van Schie and other General managers and Diocesan staff.

In our previous newsletter, we shared with you the important curriculum cornerstones found at Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College. Each of these cornerstones directly contribute to the creation of young men and women that are truly ready to enter a world with hearts ablaze, minds open to God and hands destined to serve others. The four cornerstones were:

  • Broad and Rich
  • For and with others
  • Accompaniment
  • Personal Excellence

Previously, ‘Broad and Rich’ had been explained and our appreciation of a balanced, cohesive and relevant curriculum was unpacked and shared. This newsletter will focus on our second cornerstone, ‘For and with others’. We are humbly reminded of the following words as spoken by St Ignatius:

“Pray as if God will take care of all; act as if all is up to you.” 

We are all blessed with free will, each day we choose a path that is either for or against God. Our faith is tested when we leave God out of the equation and try to work the system alone. We pray for God to guide us and take care of us, but we also know that we are expected to use our gifts for others, to act as if all is up to us. We do not hide our gifts, we let them shine and choose to use them wisely.

At St Ignatius, we focus on dismantling old ways of thinking. Rather than becoming proud and worried about making a good show, a student at St Ignatius must develop humility. Rather than focusing on themselves, they must follow Jesus’ example and move outward, looking at what other people need and require.

We aim to be “people for and with others” this means that we are willing to shift focus and actually notice others and care about them. We are encouraged to pursue justice on behalf of all persons and truly embody a spirit of giving. Our students will learn and grow in an atmosphere of prayer, reflection and worship. As a people of conscience, every word, thought and action is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God – Ad Majoreum De Glorium (AMDG).

We have been working closely with Brougham’s Buses and can share with you now the draft proposed bus routes.  Students will be collected from agreed pick up points along each of these routes.  Costings, payment methods and pick up points are still being developed.

Proposed Routes:

Route 1:  Tuakau, Pokeno/Mercer, Bombay, Ramarama, Ararimu, Drury

Route 2: Pukekohe

Route 3: Wattle Downs, Waiata Shores, Conifer Grove, Takanini, Pahurere, Rosehill/Opaheke, Karaka

Route 4: Papakura

Route 5: Waiuku, Glenbrook, Waiau Pa, Clarks Beach, Kingseat, Patamahoe, Paerata

If you have any comments or feedback about these proposals please follow the link and complete the google form.

Proposed Bus Route Feedback 

As we are now in the Easter Season we invite you to take time over the next week to read and reflect on this Easter Prayer:

Risen Lord,
shed your light on those who live in the shadow of death
and warm the hearts of those who have lost hope,
that they who daily bear the cross of hunger
may find your Promised Land,
and move from slavery to freedom.
As we proclaim your Easter song
help us to die to greed and rise to justice,
to abandon apathy and take up action,
that rich and poor together may travel the road to freedom,
and be restored to your resurrection life.


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