Jesuit presence confirmed

We are delighted to announce the presence of the Jesuit Order at the college from 2024. In a statement released on Friday, Fr Quyen Vu SJ, the Provincial for the Australia and New Zealand writes,  “In view of our long-standing commitment to the establishment of the School, and to ensure that its leaders are supported well, I intend to mission two Jesuits, Fr Michael Smith SJ and Fr Eka Tanaya SJ, to the School in 2024 and to commence their preparations over the course of this coming year.”

The college is truly Blessed for the commitment and support of the Society of Jesus, as we begin our Ignatian journey together and we look forward to extending manākitanga to both Fr Eka and Fr Michael; honouring their presence, guidance and support. Finding God in all things; In veniendum Deus in omnibus.